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Why choose Dr. Cummings?

Dr. Cummings graduated Magna cum Laude from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa in December, 1982. He practiced in his native Wisconsin for 3 years, and has been practicing in Yuma, Arizona since June, 1986.

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While technology continues to grow at a furious pace, it is my personal opinion that in the realm of chiropractic care, human skill is far more important and more reliable than the technology available today.

At Cummings Chiropractic, we are high skill and low tech. We have found that low tech is also more cost effective for the patient. I have spent 30+ years developing and refining those skills needed to perform my job and gaining experience from every case that I treat. In any profession, experience and skill are hard to beat, no matter what technological changes occur.

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  • Cummings Chiropractic Office, P.C.
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