Our Treatment Protocol

I am a "hands-on" chiropractor. I am "high-skill, low-tech." I use only one machine during the course of your treatment, and that is an electric massager (at no additional charge). During your treatment, I will be searching for joints that have moved out of their normal (neutral) position and have gotten "stuck." I use my hands to find the "stuck" joints and get them moving properly again. To do that, I do use some physical force on your body in the form of a very quick, but shallow, push or "thrust." This is called a "Chiropractic Adjustment." While there are many different ways to move a joint and relieve distress, the "adjustment" is the primary form of treatment in my office. Please be assured that I do not use my size or strength to deliver the thrust. I would rather start too lightly and thrust a second time than to be too rough the first time. I want to use only the amount of force needed to get the job done.

When adjusting the lower back and pelvis, I use a "drop table," which falls away from you when I thrust (it drops about 1 ½ inches.) The drop mechanism gives me a mechanical advantage, allowing me to gain more work using less force. But, putting it very simply, you're not caught between "a rock and a hard place:" your body escapes from the force of the thrust. I may also use the drop table working on the ribs and/or thoracic spine.

Please be assured that I always take your discomfort into consideration. I will be "zeroing in" on sore spots and will be poking and prodding those areas. It may hurt a little... after all, those areas were sore before we started. My hands can feel many things, but your pain is not one of them - tell me immediately if you become too uncomfortable.

There may be times that I will be working on muscles. I look for "knots" and then prod them deeply for about 5 seconds. While muscle work can be uncomfortable, it is very effective in breaking down muscle spasms, thus easing your pain. Generally, your body language will tell me when I am leaving your comfort range but remember, you always have complete verbal control.

I generally check all spinal areas as a matter of course (from the base of the skull through the pelvis.) If needed, I will also work on other joints in the body (shoulder, knee, jaw, feet, etc).

As I adjust, you may hear joint noises (a "pop" or "crack".) DO NOT BE ALARMED! This is a normal phenomena; it's the same noise that you get when you "crack your knuckles." Your bones are not breaking. Conversely, the absence of noise does not mean the adjustment did not happen. The "magic" is not in the noise. The noise is irrelevant.

We maintain an informal atmosphere in the office. Please be assured that we do not take you or your problems lightly; we take your health and our work very seriously. But experience tells us that when you are comfortable and relaxed, your treatment is more effective and easier for both of us.

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